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Style Q+A - Oh Natalie!

January has been a month of inspiration and change. We now bid goodbye to beautiful january and move into a whole new and exciting month. As fashion transitions from season to season, staying true to your personal style is even more essential than collecting this Spring's must haves. This therefore brings us to our new style Q+A entry - - enjoy!

Meet and get to know style blogger Natalieoffduty, or Natalie Suarez, who's sharp boyish and slightly irreverent style got the best of all of us. Classic and true to her personal style, Natalie lets us into her world of dreams, passion & life.

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At such a tender age, you've set such a name for yourself on Lookbook & as a fashion blogger. What were your key motivating factors?

I have always been really interested in fashion and I know what looks good on me and what doesn't. I'm really happy that people are interested in my style and visit my blog. It's a nice surprise. The postitive feedback on my blog is really what has motiviated me to keep it going.

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Have you always been in love with fashion? We love your sharp, boyish style that you carry so well. You put so much effort into your work and it's truly inspiring.

Thank you. Ever since I started reading fashion magazines as a teenager, I really got into creating my own style. Mixing designer with vintage has helped me create my own look.

Aside from modeling, do you have any other passions? Do you plan to take these passions / hobbies a little further in the future, like your music?

I love to sing and play my piano and guitar whenever I get the chance. And yes, I would love to take it to the next level and be a recording artist. That has always been a dream of mine.

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Who are you favorite designers & icons. Why and how can you relate to them?

My favorite designers labels are Alexander Wang and Chloe. I love how simple and easy both of these designers are. You can just throw on their pieces and instantly look amazing. That is how I usually dress, very easy. I try not to put too much thought into whatever I wear. Some fashion icons I do look to for inspiration are Jane Birkin and Erin Wasson. Both have very easy, effortless go-to style.

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I try to live in the present, in the moment. I find happiness that way.

We're just curious..who takes those awesome photos of you?

Usually my sister takes my photos. We have so much fun taking photos of one another!

Have you ever been stopped or recognized on the street before? Tell us!
I actually haven't been stopped before on the street. I never know if anyone recognizes me. If they do, they haven't approached me! haha!


What's in a fun day for you?
I love eating out with my friends, shopping, and traveling. Seeing knew things.

Do you have any fashion taboos? Or are you one who just goes with anything that looks great?

I just go with anything that looks great. I don't care if it is super old or brand new in stores. Whatever looks best on me and that I like, I go with it.

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And lastly, Natalie holidaying in Malaysia. Hot humid weather can be good for one's soul! Especially when you can remove those layers and play around with shorter pieces.

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Relaxed, dreamy and irreverent - her style takes you into a version of her world.

Here are some pieces inspired by Natalie's style; exclusively on

cutout sleeved dress blue2fringe tiered tank gryStud embellished jacket

Metal chained scoop back dressclassic zipper skirtcropped layered bold blazer turq

View the rest at STYLESOFIA.COM.

So we hope you enjoyed this short, yet inspiring interview!

Hover over to her Lookbook for more style takes.


And as always, watch this space for more news.

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