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Monday, July 5, 2010

Blog Talk: Tuuli J.

We hope you're having a fantastic week! We've been busy as usual but we'd like to add a touch of inspiration to your daily read. Age has always been quite a superficial topic when it comes to entertainment & fashion, and generally - younger is usually the better. What's rare is when you see young newcomers with amazing talent. Extremely young with raw, brilliant dexterity? That's a few and far in between!

Featured on many main fashion sites like Stylehunter, this week we present to you stylish & savvy fashion blogger, Tuuli J├╝rgenson. At only 13 years old, we first came across her blog via weardrobe and we've been charmed! Her eclectic style and spontaneous shots has made her blog an absolute pleasure to read. All the way from Estonia, we now talk to Tuuli to learn more about her influences, inspiration & passion.

Tell us a little bit about yourself!
Well, I live in Estonia, I study English, German and lots of other stuff in primary school , I also go to art school where I paint, draw & study art history. I love fashion, art and illustrating and I adore blogging world.

What inspired you to make such a breakthrough in fashion? You dress amazingly well for a 13 year old, to be honest.
First of all, thank you! At first I just read tons of other fashion blogs & they inspired me to create my own blog. At the moment I'm inspired by tons of fashion magazines like Italian / British Vogue, I-D, Lula, W & V magazine and so on. When I'm in bookshop I like to dip into fashion books with amazing vintage and retro inspired ads & editorials.

I also get a lot of inspiration from streetstyle blogs,, fashion bloggers & even from good music and old movies with Audrey Hepburn. I have a inspiration board on my wall, too. I actually don't have any certain style muse, I just derive inspiration from loads of bloggers & streetstyles.

In addition to fashion, you draw digital images exceptionally well. How did you learn?
Practice makes perfect. I started drawing digital images long ago, and I just learned from other artists and from tutorials available on the internet.

her artwork of Tavi, thestylerookie

Where you do you see yourself within the next 5 years? Still blogging and making it big in fashion?
Yes, I think I will still be blogging, but I also want to go to graduate school and study something fashion and/or art related!

How is fashion like in Estonia? Do you think you can rock the scene up a little more?
It's nothing special, most of the people wear high street fashion and nobody really pays attention to what they're wearing!

That's slightly unfortunate. You'd be a star everywhere else. Define your personal style.
I think that I don't have my own style yet. I just like to mix things that I have in my wardrobe ( and my sister's ), but I never buy clothing just because it is in fashion. If I really have to answer this question then it's
androgynous, and its definitely different & independent.

What are your must haves this summer, especially in your climate?
I would love to have a black maxi dress, colorful oversized tank top, short light denim shorts, black overknee socks, puffy skirts, cropped tee and lot's of other stuff. It's actually not very cold in the summer for me in this climate, but if it gets cold, I can would wear blazer with shoulderpads or cropped cardigan.

How would you dress differently for fall?
This is pretty hard, cause it's really cold in Estonia when it's fall. I just try to wear everything colorful instead of grey, brown and the rest!

How do you feel being 13 in the competitive fashion scene? Has anyone put you down because of your age?
Actually I think it's great to start young, but many people on Internet say that I shouldn't waste my childhood and I should enjoy my free time. I guess they don't know that blogging is done during my free time and I really really enjoy it. Some websites also don't accept young people like me and I pretty much hate it.

Name us any of your favorite pieces from STYLESOFIA!
IVY STUD SHOULDER JACKET, PUFFY LACED SKIRT, TULIP SCALLOP SKIRT. Actually there's many more things that I like, but I just choosed three!

end of interview //

So if you're passionate about something, anything - do it! At any age or at any time. We hope this has inspired you!

To see more of Tuuli, visit her blog here!