Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Secret Wars

I'm so so excited that Secret Wars has well and truely landed in Sydney, and I'm excited to show off some of the shots taken at the 4th battle, Max Berry vs Amuse.

Secret Wars is an awesome and yet so simple concepts. The rules are this- 2 artists, 2 blank walls, 90 minutes, and only black paint/ markers are allowed in the ring.

The atmosphere at No Name Bar on the night was amazing. It's so great to rock up to a bar and see something that's being created before your eyes. I much prefer that to watching the usual meat market! The work then stays up until it's sadly painted over for the next battle.

At the end of the night, the best drawing is judged by 2 guest judges & the audience themselves using the very reliable decibel meter-i.e. the loudest crowd cheers.

The winner of this round........Max Berry!

Want more? Check out Secret Wars (it's a great site too!)

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