Sunday, May 2, 2010

Helsinki style: mixing the old with the new


Good morning loves! We were just told of a little mention we received at Helsinki Vintage. Tine Kozjak, photographer and fashion enthusiast gave everyone a little insight about how to wear vintage the right way, with newer pieces fresh from the runway. Read the full feature here.

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For those who can't read Finnish, here is a translation;


Q: What attracts you the most about vintage ?

I am fascinated about the union of old and new, hence i often combine my vintage pieces with newer additions i have. Some are expensive and some cheaper, and they must feel good to me. Clothing should exude a certain feeling or mood.

Q: How do you shop for vintage?

Via flea markets and individual sellers. I made some interesting discoveries last week! I managed to find and buy some Helmut Lang and Marjan Pejoskin pieces for a great price..

Q: What about online shopping?

You should really visit STYLESOFIA.COM. They offer pieces sourced from all over the world and you'd make some interesting and unique discoveries there.

Q: What advice would you give to beginners about searching for the perfect piece?

I actually think the cut is firstly important, and then comes color. Never buy anything that isn't well made.

End of mini interview

So that was it. We hope you enjoyed this feature and thank you Tine for mentioning us!



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