Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Fashion Junkie: Andy T.

A Mexican girl, living in Holland, obsessed over Paris. A 25 year old trendsetter with big dreams, aiming to make it big in the fashion industry. Founder of STYLESCRAPBOOK.COM. These short and sweet statements are true, no doubt, but they just do not suffice to fully define this aspiring and enthusiastic young woman.

More commonly known as Andy T. on Lookbook, blogging about fashion for 2 years has reaped it's benefits for this stylish lass as she garnered interviews by top international publications like her feature at Vogue Germany, French Glamour & Nylon magazine just to name a few. As she rose to such heights, it was an extreme pleasure to find out & get to know how down to earth Andy is in person.

When it comes to the fashion world, you'll know what we mean when we say there is a huge range of people to meet and get to know. Everyone in the industry respects different aspects, some love major designers and brands such as 77Diamonds, others are more interested in the eco friendly designers and then there are others who keep their eye on those just out of fashion school. When any of these people blog it is a great opportunity to learn about something new and come to understand someone else stance on it.

Blogging has really helped change the way we write about fashion. It has suddenly become far more accessible to all of us. We can easily discover new designers, find out new street trends and share are thoughts and feelings on something. There are always those who stand out from the crowd and Andy T is without a doubt one of those people.

Andy featured in Grazia Magazine.

Featured in TeenVogue.

Featured in Nylon mexico.

The following is an exclusive interview with the one and only;

What got you so addicted to fashion?

I have been into fashion all my life, even as a little girl. My great-grandmother who was French was really into fashion and my mom thinks thats where I get my passion from.

Define your style and fashion. Does it change according to the season?

My style changes all the time, it depends of how Im feeling and what is inspiring me at the time. I must admit that sometimes I do follow the trends but to me its more important to feel comfortable and confident in what I am wearing, so I like mixing trends with basics or even wearing really old things and giving them a current twist, thats why I love DIYing!

Aside from your great grandmother, what else inspires you? Do you have any style icons or favorites who inspire you at the moment?

I get inspired by everything around me! from magazines and fashion shows, to street style and fellow bloggers...The inspiration is everywhere!!! Right now Im really into the style of Miroslava Duma & Christine Centenera (editor for Australia's Harpers Bazaar).

When you say you aspire to go far in this industry, what kind of future do you hope to achieve here?

This industry is what inspires me and I feel really passionate about it so hopefully I will keep growing and reach all my goals and dreams. Although I don't really see myself as a designer, I love sewing and doing random DIY projects here and there. That will never change but my absolute passion is definitely styling.

Your style is admired by thousands. Have any of them come to you for emergency fashion advice or style tips? What are the most interesting comments so far?

I get a lot of emails asking me about what they should be wearing to different occasions, even sending me garments they want to buy so I can advise them on wether they should be buying it or not. I try my best to answer all emails but at times my hectic schedules makes it a little difficult!

For comments, I wouldn't be able to point out one particular comment to be honest, I get so many nice interesting ones, also emails of girls asking me what they should be wearing to prom or a wedding or just out to their first date. I think its sweet and as long as I can help a little, I am happy, little things like that is what keeps Style Scrapbook going :)

We're curious. How do you feel being interviewed by the top publications in fashion; etc.? Does it change anything in your life? Do you get stopped on the streets for being Andy T?

I feel extremely honored and sometimes wonder if I even deserve all this attention. It doesn't change anything in my life, I am exactly the same. I did get stopped few times and was a bit shocked to be honest, I mean, who is used to getting recognized by complete strangers in the middle of the street asking : Are you Andy T. from Stylescrapbook? and I go, me? Oh yeah, thats me! hahaha.

How humble! Next, what are your fashion & style predictions that you think will stand firm from this holiday to the year 2010?

I think (hope) structured shoulders. I am fascinated by this trend which is a bit of a funny story if you actually consider the fact that I used to HATE shoulder pads when I was younger. My mother used to beg me to try blazers with shoulder pads and I refused, rather bald than sporting shoulder pads and look at me know, I cant live without them!

Your must have items this holiday season?

Lots of sequins and power shoulders!

Aside from what you're doing at the moment, tell us your other passions.

One of my biggest passions is traveling, I want to see the world which I find to be such a fascinating place! Love sports and always try to stay healthy and something people probably didn't imagine, I also love singing, Im no Celine Dion but In not too bad either, of course I only do it in the comfort of my own home and with my family or friends as audience :)

MY FAVORITE QUOTE: If you can dream it, you can do it (Which is absolutely true).

Andy wearing our gray sweater.

Thank you Andy!

And that wrapped up our interview! It was not only a fun experience getting to know her, but it was amazing to feel the enthusiasm and passion. All in all, we hope to see her achieve greater heights in the near future. If you'd like to see more of her, be sure to check her Lookbook out for more bold shoulders and inspiring images.



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