Thursday, May 27, 2010

bams & ted pop-up store

I have to admit, my latest dress-up box contained various wigs (including a long blond one), a jungle girl and a strawberry outfit- hardly the very stylish, vintage-esque one that bams & ted is envisioning for their next pop-up store.

bams & ted in fact do pop-up stores that will put my dress-up box to shame. Based on a leading character from a film or novel, you'll find a bounty of vintage clothing, furnishing and objects that will take you straight into their world.
Having previously visited the lives of Francie (To Catch a Thief), Miranda (Picnic at Hanging Rock) and Jessica (Murder She Wrote), their sights have moved to Sebastian from the Evelyn Waugh classic Brideshead Revisited.

Not sure what you're in for? Think 1920's, the English country, lavish details and subdued extravagance. And hats. Hopefully lots of hats. But if there's one thing that inspires from all of this, it's the beautiful layers and mixture of cream tones and fabrics. Oh la la, I couldn't think of anything more stylish at the moment, especially since I'm sitting here looking at my wardrobe and noticing that I only have about 2 things in that tone!

Visit the bams & ted website for more info, but in the meantime, perhaps it's time to get a headstart? I'd love the below with the top tucked into the shorts.

Happy Friday!
Joanne x

obsession du jour!

If there was just one person you'd like to interview, one closet you could raid, whose would it be? For us, it would undoubtedly be that of Anna Dello Russo, editor-at-large at Vogue Japan. She's known for her versatile yet fierce style - it is unmatchable and this is why we love her!

which are our favorites? we can't seem to decide.

sources: stockholmstreetstyle, chicmuse, jakandjill, hypemag, anulovechild, love distortion.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Glitter vintage.

More from Helsinki, this time with suggestions for summer 2010.

sequin sweater/rough knit+loose neck+half length sleeved
(vintage find from Helsinki)

Visit our web-page for more ideas and newest arrivals (studded sleeve + see-through dress, glitter accessories, etc.).

Enjoy !


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

*Listen* Luke Steele - Accidents Happen

Luke Steele is well-known on the Aussie music scene, first as the frontman for his band The Sleepy Jackson, and more recently, as one half of Empire of The Sun- the other half of course being Nick Littlemore from Pnau (of course if you haven't heard of any of these I'm probably being a music nerd, but please take this as an opportunity to look them up!).

If you're not too fussed about one's music resume, all you need to know is he's a tad eccentric- any of his latest wardrobe choices will tell you that, and a very talented individual.

This is a track I'm starting to hear more and more and my ears can't help but prick up everytime I hear the track. Unfortunately the man himself doesn't make an appearance but an interesting clip none the less.

We'd love to know your thoughts and even better, what you're listening to at the moment!

Joanne x

Monday, May 17, 2010

Going green: There ain't no food in this box!

Happy tuesday girls! It's been a hectic week but as always, we'll always slot in some time for a blog post! Today we'd like to proudly announce that after a few months of talks and planning, we're finally making a stand to reduce our carbon footprint!

And be assured that there ain't no burger in this lunch box! We've just started using recycled paper boxes for our accessories and small items! Two extra plus points for you is that, no.1 - you can recycle this lunch box as well, and no.2 - your accessories will be safe and protected during shipping and handling. As for our clothes, they'll be in recycled packaging too!

Let's work together in reducing our carbon footprints for a better future. And that of our future grandchildren too. :P

Baby steps towards a fuller, happier future! If you have any further ideas on going green, drop us a comment!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Spring vintage + secondhand.

We're all in love with a bit of vintage. So today we bring you a completely unrelated post - about some of the finds we made in Helsinki. Its spring/sort-of-summer in Helsinki, therefore here are two style photos of vintage+secondhand finds.

enjoy !
red vintage dress/v-neck+knee length
found in Penny Lane.
beige blouse/pleated+half length sleeved
marine blue shirt/waist+above knee length+detailed belt
horse necklace
(each piece was found at saturdays-sundays Flea-market)

model: Silvi

more coming soon !


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sweet surrenders

Hello hello! We hope everyone's holding up fine. We came across these images of
Nomzamela Smith & Monique Hal shot beautifully by Juno Carabott, and we just had to share. Don't you want lips like these...!

On another note, we've officialy lauched our Chictopia blog! Visit us & be a fan to see the latest style shots by our friends from here and far, plus we'll also be posting our favorite picks of the week so trust us, you won't wanna miss out.

We're also working with the Chictopia team on something special - stay tuned for more news with your fingers crossed!

Until the next post - party people, we're over and out!


images via touchpuppet

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Secret Wars

I'm so so excited that Secret Wars has well and truely landed in Sydney, and I'm excited to show off some of the shots taken at the 4th battle, Max Berry vs Amuse.

Secret Wars is an awesome and yet so simple concepts. The rules are this- 2 artists, 2 blank walls, 90 minutes, and only black paint/ markers are allowed in the ring.

The atmosphere at No Name Bar on the night was amazing. It's so great to rock up to a bar and see something that's being created before your eyes. I much prefer that to watching the usual meat market! The work then stays up until it's sadly painted over for the next battle.

At the end of the night, the best drawing is judged by 2 guest judges & the audience themselves using the very reliable decibel meter-i.e. the loudest crowd cheers.

The winner of this round........Max Berry!

Want more? Check out Secret Wars (it's a great site too!)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lost & Found

Hello dear friends!

It's lovely to be reporting to you from Sydney to wherever you are in are in the world.

Funny enough though, my first post isn't about Sydney, but I'm looking a little further south to tell you about a little known pop-up hotel coming soon.

Lost & Found Hotel in Melbourne is open for 3 months from 1 June to 31 August 2010- and I can't think of a better reason to visit.

Except for maybe the fact that all the rooms are decked out in products by local designers. And there's a dedicated concierge, a concierge who just happens to be a writer for the Lost & Found Publication. Plus it's Melbourne, think of the fashion, art, and just one more coffee.....just because you can.

By the way, did I mention it's free?

That's right. Registrations opened today so I'd be quick! And remember, if you get chosen, make sure you do some shopping for us!

Joanne x

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hana o' hana!

We're back honeys! We're been away for a short while but do be assured that we'll be posting more regularly from now on!

We saw the spread of Hana Soukupova shot by Arthur Elgort and we just had to share! For Tatler Russia this May. You've got to love all the detailing. Travel & party in style!






Isn't she beautiful in those clothes. Ravishing at the very least.

via fashiongonerogue


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Helsinki style: mixing the old with the new


Good morning loves! We were just told of a little mention we received at Helsinki Vintage. Tine Kozjak, photographer and fashion enthusiast gave everyone a little insight about how to wear vintage the right way, with newer pieces fresh from the runway. Read the full feature here.

Picture 16

Picture 17Picture 15

For those who can't read Finnish, here is a translation;


Q: What attracts you the most about vintage ?

I am fascinated about the union of old and new, hence i often combine my vintage pieces with newer additions i have. Some are expensive and some cheaper, and they must feel good to me. Clothing should exude a certain feeling or mood.

Q: How do you shop for vintage?

Via flea markets and individual sellers. I made some interesting discoveries last week! I managed to find and buy some Helmut Lang and Marjan Pejoskin pieces for a great price..

Q: What about online shopping?

You should really visit STYLESOFIA.COM. They offer pieces sourced from all over the world and you'd make some interesting and unique discoveries there.

Q: What advice would you give to beginners about searching for the perfect piece?

I actually think the cut is firstly important, and then comes color. Never buy anything that isn't well made.

End of mini interview

So that was it. We hope you enjoyed this feature and thank you Tine for mentioning us!



Congrats Jamie on LFW!

Good morning everyone! A little congratulatory post to Jamie for setting up a fantastic booth at London Fashion week last February.

The set-up looked amazing and so well planned, if only we could be there! The images we shot together were used and thank you everyone for your inquiries and support for STYLESOFIA!

Jamie will be coming up with a range of eco-friendly bags, so stay tuned!

kayu lfwkayu lfw2

kayu lfw3

A tribute wall to Alexander McQueen.





Thank you Jamie for the images!

Athough we currently have our eyes on Milan fashion week, we still find these images utterly inspiring. Print on print, fur (faux we hope!), a ton of colors & great vibes altogether. What are your thoughts?


She hearts Stylesofia. Do you!


Thanks heaps to Natalie for posting this on her blog! You're rocking this outfit love!

Natalie is wearing the Rolling stones tee & our Gem pigment skirt. They're all sold out for now, but do wait for similarly inspired pieces!

Picture 11



Picture 9


We republish features from other blogs here, so if you have featured us & we missed it, please let us know!