Sunday, May 2, 2010

Inspiration for the season

We were doing our usual market research (professional term for extended hours spent on endless manic fashion blog surfing) and we came across these few images. All model images were taken from Altamira's blog, of covergirls for Vogue Portugal & Brazil's cover this November & December 2009 respectively.

We absolutely love these looks! So here there are; in addition are some of our very own similarly designed pieces. Improvise, ladies!

Madisyn Ritland

Madisyn Ritland, covergirl for Vogue Germany, nov '09. Don't we just love that striking blue military jacket!

We've got something similar; Another military jacket,

military cropped jacket @STYLESOFIA.COM

And next,

Liu Wen
Liu Wen

Liu wen, covergirl for Vogue Portugal for November '09. We really can't get over that waif look she carries with so much style.

Not forgetting that we also love two toned blazers! So here's something similarly inspired in jewel green tones instead; theInsider satin tuxedo blazer.

back zipper tuxedo blazer @STYLESOFIA.COM

Until our next post, ta!

We have new arrivals coming your way soon! Watch this space.


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