Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thursday surprises!

Hello girls! Here's a little treat. In appreciation of your support so far we've decided to reward everyone with free shipping worldwide, applicable from now up until the end of Sunday! What's even addition to our urban recycler theme this month, we're giving away 50 free STYLESOFIA reusable bags to our first fifty customers.

We hope you'll enjoy and have a fantastic weekend!
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STYLESOFIA Vintage: Be an urban recycler.

vintage vintage vintage!

Boy we've been occupied! But not occupied enough to stop us from blogging, that's one thing for sure. In our last post we made a small announcement about our recently launched Vintage collection - so we're here today to elaborate!

In addition to sourcing for new cherry-picked pieces for the store, we've decided to launch our Vintage line due to one primary reason. Urban recycling - yes, recycle old / pre-loved / vintage clothing instead of throwing them away!

Here are a few reasons why.

Most fabrics are man made and non biodegradable.
Sadly, we can't just recycle clothing like how we recycle paper. Instead of purchasing mass manufactured clothing and accessories, do your part for the environment by wearing Vintage clothing instead!

Whoops! we have the same dress....
Ah, that's hardly ever going to happen! Most vintage pieces are one-of-a-kind, so you won't have to wonder if your outfit is going to clash with someone else's!

It's eclectic.
Every vintage piece has a story - whether they're from the 50s or 70s. Mix these with the current pieces in your wardrobe to add a little more personality to your style. Also, most pieces weren't mass produced in the past - that means they're mostly more well made than the current clothing being sold at mass outlets. Tailored and tapered to perfection!

It is made for you.
Here at STYLESOFIA, all our Vintage clothing are checked and resized if they happen to be out of proportion. We also offer shortening services, so drop us an email and we'll assist you!

Here are a few of our favorites so far - and we have more coming!

View the rest here.
Happy shopping and DO spread the word!


Saturday, June 12, 2010


We've been dying to tell you! This week will be the launch week of our little surprise // FINALLY // our very own authentic vintage collection!

Stay tuned for further announcements. and being vintage, we only have 1 piece of each design, so be the one and only to lay your hands on them!

penny for your thoughts?


Monday, June 7, 2010

Inspiration, pre-announcements & our new daily reads.

Inspiration for the week, Hanneli.
Check out her blog for her beautiful snapshots and vintage pieces.

I guess we still can't get over our denim fever. This June will be a fantastic one filled with well-worth busy days & nights! Preying on Hanneli's passion for vintage, we have a surprise coming up for you! We can't announce it just yet as we're still working on the prep, but do watch this space closely for announcements!

To many of you who've emailed us regarding inquiries of when new stock will arrive this week, do be patient! We promise you, that this wait will be worth your while. :D We hope some of you are taking the summer heat well, and if not, we have just the pieces for you!

Also, we've just updated our Daily Reads list, have a look at our most visited online magazines and fashion blogs!

speak soon!