Sunday, May 2, 2010

Inspiration this season!

Come spring and we're floating in all this pastel, nude and earthly. We've been in the mood (more than usual) to scan through almost everything we can possibly get our hands on, magazines, blogs and other materials to absorb to fill our minds with inspiration.

Stylesofia, via jak&jill

image via jak&jill.

What are your must haves this 2010? Here are a few of our favorite picks. Sequins and subtle shimmers are in this Spring. We can't complain!

Beige Sequin Vest,

Trisha full sequin vest in beige, $32

This is a beautiful piece made for spring. We love it's flowy and relaxed cut.

Mono sketched bodycon, stylesofia.comMonochrome sketched bodycon, $30

We love the mild shoulder pads which frames the silhouette really nicely for a sharp, fresh look.

Champagne floral tank,

The champagne floral tank, $22.

With decadent floral detailing to give your look some depth.

Diamante chunky metal necklace,

By far our favorite - the Diamante chunky metal necklace, $35.

This one, you've got to hold in your hands (like how we did and we just couldn't let go!). Detailing at it's best.

Pastel blue corset,

Powder blue strapless corset, $22.

With delicate satin cross-back ribbons, a romantic piece.

Fringe tiered tank, stylesofia.comThe tiered fringe tank, $25.

Casual and perfect if you love to layer.

So, let us know what you think!

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