Monday, May 17, 2010

Going green: There ain't no food in this box!

Happy tuesday girls! It's been a hectic week but as always, we'll always slot in some time for a blog post! Today we'd like to proudly announce that after a few months of talks and planning, we're finally making a stand to reduce our carbon footprint!

And be assured that there ain't no burger in this lunch box! We've just started using recycled paper boxes for our accessories and small items! Two extra plus points for you is that, no.1 - you can recycle this lunch box as well, and no.2 - your accessories will be safe and protected during shipping and handling. As for our clothes, they'll be in recycled packaging too!

Let's work together in reducing our carbon footprints for a better future. And that of our future grandchildren too. :P

Baby steps towards a fuller, happier future! If you have any further ideas on going green, drop us a comment!

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