Thursday, May 27, 2010

bams & ted pop-up store

I have to admit, my latest dress-up box contained various wigs (including a long blond one), a jungle girl and a strawberry outfit- hardly the very stylish, vintage-esque one that bams & ted is envisioning for their next pop-up store.

bams & ted in fact do pop-up stores that will put my dress-up box to shame. Based on a leading character from a film or novel, you'll find a bounty of vintage clothing, furnishing and objects that will take you straight into their world.
Having previously visited the lives of Francie (To Catch a Thief), Miranda (Picnic at Hanging Rock) and Jessica (Murder She Wrote), their sights have moved to Sebastian from the Evelyn Waugh classic Brideshead Revisited.

Not sure what you're in for? Think 1920's, the English country, lavish details and subdued extravagance. And hats. Hopefully lots of hats. But if there's one thing that inspires from all of this, it's the beautiful layers and mixture of cream tones and fabrics. Oh la la, I couldn't think of anything more stylish at the moment, especially since I'm sitting here looking at my wardrobe and noticing that I only have about 2 things in that tone!

Visit the bams & ted website for more info, but in the meantime, perhaps it's time to get a headstart? I'd love the below with the top tucked into the shorts.

Happy Friday!
Joanne x


  1. I love this post and all those cream pieces!

  2. thank you love! stay tuned for more coming up in-store!


  3. Love the shorts!!
    The items I want from you site are always sold out, bummer =(

  4. hang in there honey, refer to our latest post! xxx