Saturday, February 19, 2011

Steed Lord: 123 If You Want Me

Absolutely loving this video by Steed Lord at the moment. Check it out for some serious fashion inspiration.

We guarantee by the end of it, you'll be ready to rock out:
- 70's pastel colours. We're already reaching out for blue eyeshadow!
- Ruffles ruffles and more ruffles. Extra points for anything shiny.
- PRINTS- and lots of them. Perfectly mis-matched of course.
- Avant-garde dance moves with some hot-pinked haired back-up dancers.
- The ultimate accessories right now- an oversized fan and supercute umbrella (did we mention it's been about a thousand degrees in Sydney right now?)

Now excuse me, we need to go practice our dance moves and go look for some back-up dancers...

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