Thursday, February 17, 2011

The best of New York Fashion Week.

Beautiful nude trench coats and dark cherry lips.

Electric blue.

mermaid pink ends.

adding to the cheer!

Hope Adela, wearing all vintage. Eclectic.

Elfee Duquette, wearing Vintage Saks.

Samantha Swetra, blogger, at NYFW

Model Aline Weber outside, wearing beautiful florals and leopard prints.

As we all would have guessed, New York Fashion Week came and went by in a flash and everyone's talking, what did everyone wear, to which show! We've heard about the line-up of events, couture magic and front-row fashion but honestly, what we really want to see is fashion on the street. Real people styling themselves, as some say. We'd love to think dressing up for a world renowned event would be somewhat of a breeze for these seasoned fashion week goers, but coupled with ice cold weather - we're definitely convinced otherwise. As tricky as it seems, we believe that the harshest conditions always bring out the best in people. So this NYFW, we witness myriads of layers cleverly put together, finished with pops of color every here & there. And not forgetting tasteful combinations of prints and accessories that never fail to standout.

Images courtesy of Vogue & Yvan Rodic (Visual diary / Facehunter)

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