Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How To Wear a Sheer Shirt

So we were speaking to some friends over lunch and we got onto the topic of styling. 
In particular, the rather daunting task of wearing those sheer shirts you see all over the blogosphere. We were throwing some ideas around and a few ways to effectively wear this piece without baring to much skin, so we thought we'd share.

How To Wear a Sheer Shirt

Sheer shirts and High-waisted Bottoms
We cannot reiterate how chic this combination is, and forever will be. Easy, simple and effortless. Simply tuck your sheer shirt loosely into a pair of high waisted shorts or mid-waisted skirt. Fully buttoning your shirt up would be a desirable option.

Chic and Sheer, Underneath
If you're in the mood for some artful layering, try wearing a sheer shirt underneath a wooly sweater to give your look depth and dimension. It'll definitely keep you a little warmer this Fall, and because of it's sheer texture, your outfit won't look overdone at all.

Color block
We're sure you knew this was coming. Pair your sheer shirt with contrasting bottoms and outerwear for a ton of fun. Annabu (above) does it really well, and you can too.

Play with texture
Sheer shirts definitely exude a more feminine appeal. Add a little twist and edge to your look by playing with a little texture. We'd suggest pleather, because of how amazing it works to toughen up a look. Try a white sheer shirt with a pleather skirt; we promise it'll stick with you for life.

Add your metals; Juxtopose!
Another option if you're not so much into pleather; metal jewelry. They're perfect when worn over sheer fabric, as they also toughen up sheer, soft pieces. In turn, the sheer, slightly see-through skirts also make the jewelry pop! Talk about symbiosis...

Layer upon layer
Because they're relatively thin and lightweight, sheer shirts are almost always, naturally flowy. Wearing a chic, sharp blazer will add contrast to your look, and not to mention volume. Wear your sheer shirt with a relaxed, chiffon blazer if you'd like to accentuate the flow, or pair it with something tailored if you prefer structure.

Experiment with prints
The beauty of the sheer shirt is that they're terribly easy to match. They serve to soften up hard, wild or tough prints so they make amazing styling options (for us at least!).  

So what are your styling tips when wearing a sheer shirt? Do share with us in the comment box below! 

images via chictopia, butherightthing, stockholmstreetstyle, stylescrapbook


  1. Sheer shirts over dresses definitely!

  2. I've got several sheer shirts that I've been wearing with denim shorts or on top of dresses. This post inspired me to try another combination!

    Fashion Agony blog

  3. Love this post! I agree that the best way to style them is with an tough, edgy print :)