Thursday, September 2, 2010

BlogTalk with Late Afternoon.

We have to agree with Anna with it comes to personal style. It's either you have it, or you don't. Subjective as it may be, you can always tell when an outfit has been well put, regardless of how unique one's sense of fashion is. After working with a handful of very talented and passionate stylists, bloggers and photographers in the industry, we really can't thank everyone enough for such a great time so far!

A few days ago we talked with Elizabeth, more casually known as Liz from Late Afternoon about her take on style, passion and life. If there is anyone who can make the best out of any given piece, it would be this beautiful young lady from SF. Today we pick her brain! Read on..

Why did you name your blog Late Afternoon?
It was the first blog title that came to me and it is also my favorite time of day. It just seemed right to me!

I'm inspired by..
my moods. As my moods change so does my style. My style icon is any women who is intelligent, confident and stylish.

"My mom has always been a very stylish woman, she never left the house anything less than perfectly put together. I think this had a pretty profound effect on me."

Personally, about my style..
This is a tough one! Once, a magazine once called me an Urban Sweetheart and I kind of like that.

as featured on our lookbook!

I think...
that it's important to be environmentally conscious, however having the ability to be environmentally conscious is a luxury not everyone has. My way of doing so is by wearing vintage & second hand clothing.

A tip about vintage shopping...
The important part of buying vintage is being able to see the potential in an item. Sometimes the smallest of alterations can make a huge difference!

"Stay true to yourself, do what you love"

On normal days?
I currently work at and also model. In the future I hope to remain in the fashion industry in any capacity I can!

My wildest dream..
To live forever. You asked.

caught with Erin Wasson on the right

My favorite quote?
"Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal" -Albert Camus

Everyone needs a little magic! When i was younger..
I was obsessed with history, especially the Tudors and Marie Antoinette. I really wanted to be a princess. I know that sounds corny, but I am a total dreamer.

My fav pieces from STYLESOFIA are,
Peach tulip scalloped skirt, Cecile Chiffon Satin Dress and the Cream weekender shorts!

Liz wearing our Cecile chiffon dress.

This Fall..
I'll be looking for a lot of nude pieces, jewel tones and trousers. My must have pieces are a great pair of trousers, a basic silk button down and a blazer.

My oddest habit?
I always eat seaweed while I blog, just plain leaves of nori.

Where I'd like to go?
San Francisco is a constant source of inspiration for me but I can't wait to visit Paris and London!



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